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Current Pre-Order Issues and Leviathan

Hey valuable members of the Warhammer Community,

We feel that we need to address some issues that are coming to light due to the current Games Workshop release issues as there seems to be a lack of perspective accompanying peoples rightly felt disappointment at missing out, please consider the following:

  1. Games Workshop has seen unprecedented growth with the fallout of COVID and returning lapsed hobbyists to the fold that no one could have forecast.
  2. Games Workshop is 6 months behind with new releases meaning they have had no time to produce more of items coming out in advance due to lead times being truncated. Not to mention they are taking up storage space needed for Leviathan.
  3. A lot of these releases contain printed material not just models and these items come from China as it is far cheaper to print there and is the industry standard.
  4. Games Workshop is devoting well over 80% of its manufacturing power to producing copies of Leviathan and if our sources are correct there are 4 times as many as the total number of Indomitus even after Cast on Demand.
  5. This is very much a lesser of two evils choice from Games Workshop with Leviathan having to take priority due to it being a core product needed for the new edition

As a result of this and the fear mongering that seems to be ever present on social media, we are being inundated with emails etc regarding Leviathan that we just cannot answer. So, we will address the main points here:

  1. No, we cannot do a pre-pre-order especially when we do not know the price.
  2. We do not know the release date or any numbers for stock.
  3. We have looked at sales numbers from Indomitus to get a rough idea of what we need.
  4. There will be plenty of stock to go around of Leviathan
  5. We don’t know anymore than you do and get our information on Sundays like you all for any pre-order
  6. There’s no point doing an interest list as people sign up to multiple places meaning they are not a fair reflection of interest.
  7. We will offer the best price we can as always

Hopefully, this allows some tempering and understanding of both your anger and disappointment of missing out on the last few releases but we can very much imagine you all would be more upset if you missed out on copies of Leviathan.

As always, we love each and every one of you and are so thankful that you allow ourselves to support your hobby journey.

Kindest Regards

The Manager

One comment on “Current Pre-Order Issues and Leviathan”

  1. Hi AW.

    Thanks for the update, I feel guilty as I’m one of those that have been badgering you for a pre-order copy of Leviathan.

    Lets hope your background knowledge is correct but I bet the scammers will be pi$$ed!!!

    Speak soon.


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