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Great News! At last Shadowspear is back in stock, our order has been placed and we are awaiting delivery.

Early Shop Closing Friday,13 January 2017

The dreaded lurgy has struck therefore we will be closing at 4pm today, Friday 13 January 2017.  We have consulted the witchdoctors and received lots of pills and potions if these work we will be back to work tomorrow for business as usual until 4pm. Our apologies for any inconvenience caused.      

Early Closing Times in December

Seeing that there are only 12 more sleeps and a wake up till Christmas Day and we have to go and help Santa every night from 7pm to get all these parcels wrapped up we have to close early. This, of course, is affecting our bottom line no end, but nothing is too good for…

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Season of War Part 2

Well, we have seen Warhammer Age of Sigmar’s first global campaign the Season of War come to an end. We hope you all enjoyed taking part in the events as much as we did? Please contact ourselves to let us know how hard your battles were fought and what happened. From looking online we can…

The Season of War

As most of you are already aware through various platforms Games Workshop will be launching its first Warhammer Age of Sigmar Global Campaign for the Summer. The good news is we will be running and supporting said campaign, it is a time for you to finally have your say on the Lore and future of…

Campaign Progress so far

The battle fro the Sarcosa Systems early fate is almost complete. Below you can see the table so far, showing everyones progress. We are all having fun with these small skirmish games, especially when Grey Knights forget their psychic phase (Sorry Glenn). The early pace setters have been the Daemonkin, Chaos Daemons and Raven Guard….

Card Payments Now Active!

Card Payments

As some of you are aware we have recently took the steps to allow Card Payments online for all items. Sorry this took so long, but its finally here! It is a new phenomenon to ourselves and has taken a lot of sweat and tears to get to this stage but it will be worth…

Imperial Space Marine 30th Birthday

Imperial Space Marine

Well here it is the Mighty Imperial Space Marines 30th Birthday. Its fair to say we have come a long way in 30 years from RTB01 and Beakies to the modern multi-part plastic kits we have today. Were sure many of you have fond memories of those models and more complicated rule set times, we…

Competition Winner and Campaign Progress

Alchemists Workshops

Welcome one and all to our latest Alchemists blog entry, It’s the beginning of a new month and we have some news on the Store, Campaigns and more importantly WHO won last months Competition! Without further delay here goes: Store News As of the end of the month all boards will be be finished along…

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