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Backorders Policy

We get asked a lot of questions as to how back orders work and what they are, so we thought we would explain:-

1) The backorder status: means we do not have the item physically with ourselves and will have to order it in. In the case of pre-order items, this means we have sold past out initial order and as such will need to order more in.

2) Backordered Games Workshop items: Games Workshop delivers to ourselves every week usually on a Friday meaning no order containing a backorder should be with us longer than a week at most before shipping but this is not always the case. This is because every Monday we place orders for Warhammer 40k, Citadel and Age of Sigmar items that are on backorder or that need replenishing for stock levels (we try to keep 4-6 of every item instock at one time). Please note if Games Workshop do not have these items in stock we cannot supply these until they become available as they do not provide ETAs for items out of stock with themselves as policy.

3) All other backorders are ordered as soon as the items in question fall into this status. Unlike Games Workshop delivery times can vary and as such we cannot provide definitive time frames for arrival with us as it various from publisher to publisher as most use distributors.

4) Please note that if an order contains items that are in stock AND items that are on backorder or preorder, it will not ship until the backordered/preordered stock has arrived.

As soon as said items arrive in store we aim to dispatch them the same day or the following monday in the case of Games Workshop if the items are in our restock.

Please be aware allocations do occur meaning not all back ordered items are always available.


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