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Games Workshops Continued Delivery Issues

To our valued AW Customers

I unfortunately have to put a post here to inform the wider Community of amazing hobbyists that you are that Games Workshop since moving warehouses at the start of the year is having delivery issues. Now this is a post we did not want to have to put up here or on social media but we have had our hand forced due to Games Workshops refusal to acknowledge this issue and to be transparent with you via outlets such as the Community Team and site. When asked to do this to not only support ourselves but every independent store we were flatly told that is not what it’s for.

As most of you are aware we get two deliveries a week from Games Workshop one being a pre-order delivery for the weekend and the other being a restock order for general stock. For the pre-order delivery it is supposed to be here with us by Wednesday at the latest as we do pay it in advance to get this to occur as it allows ourselves to check stock is undamaged and pack your pre-orders in a timely fashion to limit mistakes etc and the Restock is supposed to be here by Friday at the latest to allow us to replenish the store over the
weekend and fulfil any backordered orders. Since this move this has not been the case with the pre-orders arriving on Fridays if we are lucky before 1pm causing a mad rush to make sure they get out on time for the delivering from date of Saturday. This has been compounded by it arriving along with the restock
meaning ourselves as a small family business have had to work 12 hours a day 7 days a week to maintain normal service for you all.

As of this week this is not the case with only after asking to speak to a manager to find out a firm commitment if we would get our pre-orders this week, we were told sometime next week and to basically put a disclaimer up stating basically what you are reading now. We as a business find this unacceptable in that we
must be put in the firing line for an issue that is not of our own making. In terms of this week’s restock we having luckily been told that it will be here on Tuesday next week.

Finally, going forward we feel it only right to be open and honest with you in that we cannot guarantee Games Workshop deliveries will be on time for both normal orders and pre-orders due to their own internal issues with this warehouse move. We will as always try to let you know as much as possible and
work as hard as we can to get orders out for when they should but this doesn’t look likely to be the case for some time until they resolve their warehouse issues.

I apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you amazing people and I hope it will not make you question your faith and confidence in us as a business to deliver your hobby needs.

Kindest Regards

The Manager

8 comments on “Games Workshops Continued Delivery Issues”

  1. I have been struggling with GW since I went over budget on my move last year, and what with the downturn in retail, the last six months have been really hard. This situation is not helping me or my business recover, customers are only loyal to a point, they want their products on the day promised.
    I’ve given up on pre-orders.
    GW deliveries are now a real pain, the MSRP on delivery notes is wrong, some stock listed on their price list weekly update is not available, as you say it’s a seven day a week job just keeping on top of it, never mind dealing with other better suppliers.
    There are numerous theories out there, it would help if GW opened up and told us the retailers exactly what the issues are, then we could work around it.
    The latest price increase wont help either, trade has seen a nett 8% rise in costs.
    Discounting is a thing of the past, or soon will be for a lot of indpendants.

  2. Hello my friends, I own a game store in the US and we are treated much the same. We can’t grow our business when Games Workshop greed is growing and silence is the only answer we receive. Best of luck!

  3. You guys at Alchemist Workshops have been great, please keep doing what you do and ride out Games Workshops supply issues with faith that the community understands and appreciates this isn’t on your shoulders. GW have never been the most affable company towards anyone but their share holders. And while these days they try to be better than they have been in the past, they still have a massive distance to go when dealing with independent stockists like yourselves. Keep it up despite them.

  4. Thanks for letting us know the problems you are having, I certainly don’t put any blame on yourselves for the delay on my orders. Keep up the good work, and you’re very appreciated by myself as a customer.

  5. As a long time customer, and a rational human being, I completely get that certain things are beyond control for retailers. Some people need to remember, that at the end of the day, these are bits of plastic and NOT the end of the world if they dont get their shiney new toy when they thought they might… just grow up a little and be patient. Alchemist Workshop have ALWAYS been the best store I have bought from, and continue to be so, often putting themselves on the line with their stockists, to be transparent to their customers. Can I also point out that AW were the FIRST Bricks & Mortar store to be so clear of the underlying issue to customers, with others now following suit. Hopefully, things will get back to normality with GW’s service soon, and the staff at AW get some peace (maybe even a day off) from doing all they can to make the best out of a shambolic GW caused situation.

  6. It sucks how badly the GW warehouse screw up has affected many retailers. Not gonna change how we see this store and the amazing service you guys always provide. On the upside, by the time GW catch up with everything, I can order the world eaters combat patrol from you guys and both orders should arrive at the same time! haha

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