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Compressor and Air Brush Booth Arrive

Well after the hectic weekend, that was The Horus Heresy Weekender, we have a pleasant surprise in store waiting for our customers….
As of today, we have a fully functioning Spray Booth and Compressor for you to use in the store free of charge, all you need to do is to bring your own airbrush and paints. Don’t forget we stock an extensive range of paints in store. All we ask is that when using this facility you leave it in the condition that you found it, clean and tidy.
On another new note we have a hot drinks maker which offers from Lattes, to Choccachino’s for just £1, Pot Noodles are available for the same price, perfect for keeping that winter chill out when gaming and painting.
As you’d expect our lines and services are always continuing to grow as we explore all avenues, so any gaming systems you think we should stock or ideas you have for the store please don’t hesitate to give us feedback. We are grateful for any suggestions and ideas and all will be given due consideration, as after all we are here to serve our customers and gaming community.
Next month we will also be looking to offer a prize draw for customers who spend £50 or more either online or in store, we haven’t made our mind up on the prize yet so keep your eyes peeled here for further developments. All we can say is that rumours are floating about a Betrayal at Calth Box Set but who knows it might even be something better, but in the end it’s up to the MD to make the final decision.
Hopefully you can all come to the store, enjoy the facilities and make some new friends who have the same passion for war gaming that you have. As we like to say “We are more than a Community, we are a Family of Gamers“.

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