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New possible additions to the store

Good Afternoon Everyone,

First and foremost we would like to congratulate Ben on his maiden Warhammer 40k victory over Hargreaves with his Ad Mech. Losing the Stormlord in turn one, something never seen before pretty much made the game next to impossible for Hargreaves to win. We think everyone in the store felt sorry for you when that happened!

Then we saw Rob and Hargreaves Daemonkin/Templars (not strictly legal, we know) face Glenn and Nadens Tyranids in a kill points Warhammer 40k game, admittedly the game was made easier by Glenn forgetting half his army (were still laughing over that one). The game started quite poorly with Glenn losing all this Zoanthropes in turn one, shiney new model syndrome strikes again. Following this it was pretty muvh a slow slog up the table for the Tyranids while Rob and Hargreaves peppered away. Sneakily Robs Maulerfiend marched through terrain up the board to tackle Nadens Haruspex and look to claim linebreaker. Then in turn three Rob and Hargreaves managed to claim the all important slay the Warlord. At this stage we could see the writing was on the wall for the Tyranids,.

The final score of the game being 16 kill points to 7. So this meant Rob also achieved his maiden victory! Robs Daemonkin had some amazing conversions that we cant wait to see again this weekend with his Raven Guard or Wolves, with the stores Astra Militarum tank company, against the Great Devourer.

So now onto the possible new additions to the store, we are contemplating adding two compressors and spray booths to the store so people can come and bring their airbrushes to paint in the store. We would love to hear your feedback on this idea as we think it would be quite an exciting prospect? Secondly work will be starting soon on a trench works tile for the store that will fit in or next to the Warhammer 40k tiles to allow massive games in store. The stores display cabinet is also starting to fill up rather nicely with customers models. Hopefully we will have more in there soon and maybe yours.

As always if you have any ideas for the store or feedback for us please let us know via the contact us form or here.

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