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Competition Winner and Campaign Progress

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Welcome one and all to our latest Alchemists blog entry,

It’s the beginning of a new month and we have some news on the Store, Campaigns and more importantly WHO won last months Competition! Without further delay here goes:

Store News

As of the end of the month all boards will be be finished along with a modular fantasy one being constructed. Our manager is now familiar with his Airbrush to make this possible and will be working around the clock to get them finished for your gaming and most importantly the campaign. We will look to keep you up to date with pictures on Twitter and the other new Social Media platforms we will be launching.

Campaign News

As some of you are no doubt aware from reading the pages on our website the stores first Summer long Warhammer 40k campaign has started, the battle for the Sarcosa System. This week saw the first battles fought to protect and secure this Imperial system beset on all sides. In what was the general consensus to all players so far, was that this has been some of the best fun they have had in a while. We hope to keep this going with excellent games, rules, rulings and honor by all.

Here we present a mini rundown of the games and their results (pictures will follow):

Black Templar VS Eldar.

This was a particularly close battle with the Templar’s taking an early advantage in the game with victory points scored. In the later part the  Eldar really came into their own with some aggressive outflanking drawing the Templar dreadnought away from the fray and in doing so sacrificing themselves.

This allowed the Eldar to secure the win 14 Victory Points to 10.

Tau Farsight Enclave VS Eldar.

What was a particularly onesided game throughout, with some unlucky tactical objective drawing for Rob, saw the Tau have a large Victory point advantage come turn five. This was largely due to the superior firepower of the Tau and some fantastic deep striking by Farsight and his bodyguard to destroy the Eldar Wave Serpents. But despite this, Farsight had problems with difficult terrain injuring himself, and then making him vulnerable to Dire Avenger Shuriken Fire, which sliced him to ribbons on the battlefield without his bodyguards there to lookout Sir for him. That said, the Tau were still winning on turn Six by an insurmountable margin. The Eldar needed to wipe out the Tau to win the game and not suffer their first loss. Unpredictably thats what happened in the most fortunate of ways with a lucky scatter of the WraithSeers D Cannon covering both of Farsights remaining bodyguards killing them in a massive explosion.

The final result being another victory for the Eldar.

Raven Guard VS Tau Farsight Enclave.

This was a game that finished more closer than it actually ended up. With the Raven Guard getting first turn and infiltrating into the battlefield they made the most of the terrain and the advantages it afforded them in a game of cloak and shadows. Bringing the wrath of the emperor to the enemy with Bolter and Chainsword the game was fairly balanced at 6 Victory points to 3 going into turn 3. Farsight had wiped out the Ravens Vindicator and it looked decidedly worrying with the Tau having a riptide on the other side of the board and now had no way of wiping it out in one hit. Luckily a 15 man assault squad charged into Farsight and his bodyguard, losing their sergeant in the challenge, but hacking the Xenos down with sheer weight of numbers and consolidating enough to earn a total of 3 victory points in that combat. Now with some breathing space the Ravens set about securing objectives and pressing the Tau in more reactive moves than aggressive ones, all the while trying to not allow the Riptide to fire at them. This allowed them to wipe out the Xenos threat till all what remained was the Riptide.

The final result was a victory to the Raven Guard 11 Victory Points to 3.

Competition Winner

Last Month we had a competition that if you spent over £50 instore or online you would be entered into a draw for the Horus Heresy Book Six: The Retribution, well we are happy to announce that the Winner was Mr Mcguire, who was in the store this weekend playing in the campaign, upon receiving his prize he stated “I cant believe I’ve won this thing, now I will have to buy the others” with a huge smile on his face. That said he has just decided to play Heresy and is taking Blood Angels, so it was a win win for him.

It was great to see another customer get such an excellent prize and we will be announcing another competition soon, so keep a look out here. After all “You have to be in it, to win it”. Hopefully the next winner is you and you get to experience all the great events, prices and services we have to offer at here at Alchemists Workshops.

Well that’s all for now from us here at team Alchemists, we hope you enjoyed reading about our latest activities.


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