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Rockgut Troggoths are covered with stony hides that are invulnerable against blade, bolt and magical blast. Their claws cut through stone like it was water, scooping up boulders and throwing them at will or using the boulders as clubs. Rockgut Troggoths are incredibly durable in battle, and they are ideal to tackle your foes more dangerous units. They are extremely deadly at range, due to their ability to hurl boulders.

The Rockgut Troggoths interchangeable parts allow you to assemble and customise three Rockgut Troggoths, there is a huge range of components this allows you to make each one unique. With a multitude of heads, weapons and poses, you can field a full army of these brutes each one looking different.

Supplied unpainted adn requires assembly with three 50mm round bases.

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