Skaven Stormfiends


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Skaven Stormfiends are the newist creations from the crazed labours of Clan Moulder. Hulking monstrosities stitched together from a variety of body parts, and equipped with a deadly array of experimental weapons. This boxed kit allows you to make three of these massive creatures which can be armed with a variety of weapon loadouts. All three models have a unique pose as well as variant armour that is different for each.

Each can be armed any of the following pairs of weapons:

  • Ratling cannon
  • Grinderfists
  • Doom-flayer gauntlets
  • Shock gauntlets
  • Warpfire projectors
  • Windlaunchers.

The Skaven Stormfiends boxed set is 101 components with three 50mm monster bases.

Supplied unpainted and requires assembly.

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