Battletome: Cities of Sigmar

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Battletome: Cities of Sigmar is your guide to the mightiest bastions of Order in the mortal realms and the grand armies of humans, aelves and duardins that bravely fight to defend them. Inside, you will find out just what life is like for the Mortal Realms’ “ordinary” inhabitants, from the countless sub-cultures, guilds and tribal groups that band together to fight for Sigmar and the pantheon of Order. Rich art, lore and seven short stories penned by Black Library author Josh Reynolds.

Meanwhile, a vast set of allegiance abilities and faction rules allow you to field powerful combined forces of Order units themed around the seven most famous Cities of Sigmar, the choice is yours with warscroll battalions, artefacts and dozens of warscrolls to choose from, the possibilities are endless. What’s more, you’ll find painting tips, colour schemes, bespoke missions, Path to Glory rules and more!

This 128-page hardback book contains:

  • A history of how the Cities of Sigmar were founded: including guides to the seven greatest metropolises in the realms
  • Seven thrilling stories penned by Black Library author Josh Reynolds
  • Tips for collecting Cities of Sigmar miniatures and rules that allow you to fight battles with them on the tabletop
  • 54 warscrolls representing the citizenry of the Cities of Sigmar: humans, aelves and duardin alike
  • Allegiance abilities that bestow a wide selection of battle traits, command traits, artefacts of power and unique spell lores upon your Cities of Sigmar collection
  • A battleplan representing the heroic efforts of a Cities of Sigmar army to relieve an ally besieged by the forces of darkness
  • Rules themed around the seven most famous Cities of Sigmar: as well as a powerful warscroll battalion for each city

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