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Chaos Spawn can be a creature which has been visited by too many gifts from the Dark Gods, and has eventually succumbed to madness and mutation. The fate of a Spawn is to die, either on the field of battle by axe or sword, torn apart in the wilds by even more savage creatures, or literally ripped asunder by the Chaos energy that continues to course through its twisted body. The outward appearance of a Chaos Spawn is utterly unpredictable.

No two are exactly alike, and their make-up owes as much to the random whims of the gods as it does physical suitability. A Spawn may have several sets of limbs, bizarre attributes like crab claws, a chitinous carapace, tattered and useless wings, clumps of eye-stalks that wave like grass in the wind, a sinewy prehensile neck, or a gaping maw of needle-thin teeth.

This boxed set contains 2 multi-part plastic Chaos Spawn including a variety of optional parts

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