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Having finally been overcome by the terrible curse that the Canis Helix afflicts, the Wulfen are a grotesque distortion of the power of the Space Wolves. Loping forward at a rapid pace. Due to the strange curse that alters their anatomies in bizarre and striking ways, they are perfectly adapted to the hunt, chasing down and attacking the foe with a constant, barely controlled berserker rage. The Wulfen carry potent artefacts; attacking with claws, axes and hammers . They also have stormfrag launchers, controlled by wilful machine spirits, hurl explosive charges into the fray.

This multi-part plastic kit contains all the components necessary to build five Wulfen. They can be built with a thunderhammer and storm shield, great frost axe or a pair of frost claws – their backpacks can optionally feature either a grisly trophy rack full of bones or a stormfrag auto launcher.

One Wulfen you can assemble as a Pack Leader with a unique pose, and special frost claws. The box includes numerous decorative pieces to give your Wulfen a unique look.

This boxed set contains 165 components, and includes five Citadel 40mm Round bases.

It is supplied unpainted and requires assembly

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