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This boxed set allows you to build either five Khorne Wrathmongers or five Khorne Skullreapers. Inside the box you will fing:

  • 5 sets of armoured legs (one of which is designed to look like a Bloodletter)
  • 10 torsos that can be used to form the basis of the models
  • 10 individually designed sets of armour that fit to the torso fronts with the option to add additional shoulder armour.

Whatever unit you decide to build there are options for a champion and standard bearer.

If you choose the Wrathmongers they are armed with a pair of wrath-flails. Five helmeted heads and the option to make a champion with the addition of a helmet that looks like a Bloodletter’s face and a mutation in the shape of a scorpions tail.

If you choose the Skullreapers they are armed with two hand weapons. A huge choice of 13 individual weapons ranging from swords, axes, maces and knives, you can even arm one with a double-handed axe. Alternatively, there are pairs of ensorcelled weapons of which there are 8 different individual weapons, with the option for one of the models to be armed with a double-handed sword. Finally if that wasnt enough in this kit there  are7 bare heads that sport a variety of mutations, from horns, studded foreheads and even a bestial dog face. Also each Skullreaper sports a trophy rack on his back, and the Champion is distinguished by his double trophy rack.

Supplied unpainted and requires assembly

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