Tyranid Warriors


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This boxed set allows you to assemble 3 Tyranid Warriors, each with different poses. They can be armed with the following from isndie the box:

  • 3 pairs of lash whips
  • 3 pairs of spinefists
  • 3 devourers
  • 3 pairs of rending claws
  • 3 pairs of scything talons
  • 3 deathspitters
  • 3 pairs of boneswords
  • A venom cannon
  • A barbed strangler
  • 3 pairs of flesh hooks
  • Toxic sacs
  • Adrenal glands

You also have the option of making one a Tyranid Prime, with different chest plate; head and crest; shoulder guards; and has the option to for a scythed tail.

Supplied unpainted and requires assembly

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