Thanquol and Boneripper


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Thanquol is a grey seer of prodigious ability who is watched over by his sturdy and loyal, albeit mindless, Rat Ogre bodyguard Boneripper. They make a fearsome duo with the arcane might of Thanquol complimenting the savage brawn of his giant rat ogre.

This imposing plastic kit makes one Thanquol and Boneripper. Thanquol himself is armed with the Staff of the Horned Rat and wears a warp-amulet.

Boneripper is a gigantic mutated four-armed rat ogre, covered in brands, stitched-up skin and rune-etched armour. He has a massive power pack on his back and sports a mechanical left leg. He comes with 2 variant heads and can be armed with either:

  • A warpfire projectors
  • warpfire braziers

There is also the option to add a alternate shoulder spike should you wish.

In addition to this there are 21 rats included with this kit

Supplied  unpainted and requires assembly with one 90mm oval base and one 100mm rectangular base.

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