Space Marines Primaris Chaplain


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A Space Marines Primaris Chaplain is the spiritual leaderof a Chapter, Chaplains are awe-inspiring warrior priests who deliver rites, preserve rituals and perform ancient ceremonies of initiation, vindications and redemption within the Chapter that that are as important as its roll of honour or skill at arms are. Every Chapter has its own Chaplain, acting as leader in both devotions and combat and second only to the company Captain in rank and often skill.

The Space Marines Primaris Chaplain multi-part plastic kit allows you to assemble a Primaris Chaplain. Striding into battle wearing iconic jet-black Mk X power armour featuring unique greaves, he fights with zeal using his absolver bolt pistol and crozius arcanum. His hooded cassock lends him the air of sinister intensity required to intimidate the emeny along with plenty of spikes, chains, skulls and purity seals covering him and signifying his faith. His helmet features a skull design and the chestplate of his armour is modified to portray an exposed ribcage. His backpack has an attached iron halo, whose 12 points aptly represent the High Lords of Terra.

Supplied unpainted and requires asembly with a Citadel 40mm Round base.

The kit also includes a Space Marines Character Transfer Sheet, which features Captain, Chaplain, Librarian and Lieutenant iconography.

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