Space Marine Primaris Intercessors

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The Space Marine Primaris Intercessors form a strong core of reliable and adaptable warriors that can lay down withering volleys of fire while advancing or holding down battlefield objectives making them invaluable to any tactician.  They are capable of levelling overlapping fields of firepower, these squads often form the flexible fighting core of newly-founded Primaris Chapters and many established Chapters have eagerly leveraged their abilities, fielding them alongside Tactical Squads.

The Space Marine Primaris Intercessors multi-part plastic kit allows you to assemble a set of 10 Primaris Intercessors. Wearing Mk X Tacticus armour in order to take advantage of its protection and mobility, each armed with bolt rifles. Their bolt rifles can be 1 of 3 variants:

  • A standard bolt rifle with sickle magazine
  • A auto bolt rifle with overcharger and box magazine
  • A stalker bolt rifle with longer-range sight and straight magazine

Inside the box there are 16 right-hand shoulder pads decorated with the iconography of the Intercessors making that enough to cover each of the variant arms. These include:

  • 2 with an open radio panel
  • 2 gesturing for their squad to halt
  • 2 holding combat knives
  • 2 firing bolt pistols.

There are a total of 36 different heads available in this kit, covering helmeted and bare options.

The models can be assembled as either a 10-man squad, a squad of 9 Intercessors with a Sergeant or 2 separate 5-man squads, each with a Sergeant of their own. The Sergeants feature unique heads, with a helmet mag-locked to their belt, and unique tilting plates to help them stand out.

Also you will find:

  • 12 pistol holsters (2 empty, for the Intercessors actually wielding them)
  • 10 ammunition and grenade pouches
  • 6 combat knife scabbards (4 empty)
  • 4 single grenade pouches
  • 4 bolt pistol ammunition pouches

Supplied unpainted and require assembly with 10 Citadel 32mm Round bases and a transfer sheet.

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