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The Chaplain takes to the field on a Raider-pattern bike being able to keep pace with even the swiftest armoured advance or spearhead a breakthrough. Fighting in any action, he will guide his brothers to victory as he bellows his catechisms and charges headfirst into the enemy, crozius arcanum swinging.

Space Marines player’s knows the value of a Chaplain who enhances nearby troops with an array of powerful abilities. The Primaris Chaplain on Bike is part tactical lynchpin, part ceramite-clad comet of righteous fury, and the ideal accompaniment to your Outriders or forward units like Incursors.

This kit builds one Primaris Chaplain on bike. It is supplied with helmeted and unhelmeted heads. It comes in 33 plastic components and includes a 90mm oval base and a Primaris Character Transfer Sheet.

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