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Skaven Pestilens Plague Monks are driven into battle by their frenzied faith. A repulsive tidal wave of filth that smashes into their enemies with the power of a tsunami. They Wildly slash, hack and stab with their dirt-encrusted blades. Their aim is to spread disease and foetidness wherever they fight, infecting with every blow.

The Skaven Pestilens Plague Monks multi-part plastic kit gives you everything needed to build a twenty Plague Monks, with the option of arming them with either a pair of Foetid Blades or a Foetid Blade and Woe-stave. You have the option of building one model as a Bringer-of-the-Word he clutches either a Plague Scroll or Book of Woe. You can also assemble one model as an Icon Bearer with either a Contagion Banner or Icon of Pestilence. Finally a model may be assembled as a Plague Harbinger, carrying either a Doom Gong or a dreaded Bale-chime.

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