Lokhust Heavy Destroyer


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The Destroyer Cults do not think twice about sacrificing their physical forms to optimise themselves for slaughter. Lokhust Heavy Destroyers slide to battle upon a repulsor-sled body, their upper limbs bound into gauss destructors or enmitic exterminators and they decimate their enemies with devastating blasts from afar.

If you are looking to scythe through infantry or destroy your enemy’s biggest tanks, you’ll want a Lokhust Heavy Destroyer. This fast-moving gun platform joins easily with other Destroyer units or can be used as a standalone destroyer for any army that needs extra firepower.

This kit builds one Lokhust Heavy Destroyer. Push-fit construction means you won’t need any glue to build it, and the set comes with your choice of heads and deadly weapons. It is supplied in 33 plastic components and comes with a 60mm round base.

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