Howling Banshees


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Howling Banshees are swift and athletic troops who are famously deadly in hand-to-hand fighting, and are well known for their ability to strike down the foe before they can so much as raise a weapon themselves. They are a predominantly female Aspect and what these fierce warriors lack in brute strength they more than makeup for in precision and efficiency.

The Howling Banshees kit is supplied in 77 plastic components and comes with 5 28.35mm Citadel round bases and a 25mm Citadel round base. It builds either:

  • 5 Howling Banshees
  • 4 Howling Banshees and a Howling Banshee Exarch.

The Exarch can be armed with a shuriken pistol and power sword, a shuriken pistol and triskele, a shuriken pistol and executioner or a pair of mirror swords. The Exarch has a choice of four heads and the rest of the squad can be assembled either with helmets or unhelmeted.

The kit also includes a single-piece Aeldari symbol that could optionally be used as an objective marker.

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