HeroQuest: Against the Ogre Horde Quest Pack

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The adventure continues with the HeroQuest: Against the Ogre Horde Quest Pack! Zargon’s latest plot has ensnared the Dirgrusht horde, a powerful and secretive clan of ogres to the north, that have become increasingly violent. As a formidable Druid hero, you must enter the World’s End Arena to prove your mettle as a warrior, locate the hidden lair of the ogre horde, and weed out the root of corruption at the heart of their clan. Will you save the realm and live to tell the tale? Immerse yourself in the fantasy with 10 perilous quests, stunning artwork, 28 detailed miniatures, and full-color tiles.

  • This Against the Ogre Horde Quest Pack is the awaited re-release of the original with fresh features, such as 7 modernized classic quests, 3 original quests, and tournament gameplay! (Requires HeroQuest game system to play. Sold separately.)
  • Journey into the hidden society of ogres to stop Zargon’s evil influence from corrupting them! The cards and Quest Book in this fantasy expansion feature artwork that immerses you in the daring adventure
  • This tabletop board game expansion comes with 28 modernized detailed miniatures: Ogre Warriors, an Ogre Commander, an Ogre Lord, Druid Heroes, and more
  • This expansion features 10 quests, including 3 fresh ones, set in a secluded land of monsters, traps, and mind-altering spells. It also comes with full-color tiles and 29 game cards
  • Compete against other players to prove your merit in World’s End Tournament battles. The team left standing wins! Includes an arena title sheet
  • Delve deeper into the HeroQuest world with this expansion pack that adds to the game’s infinite replayability. Players can create their own stories and design their own quests
  • An epic addition to any HeroQuest collection, this expansion is a great gift for fans of cooperative games, fantasy board games, and strategy games. Ages 14+

Includes Quest book featuring 10 quests, 28 finely detailed miniatures, 29 game cards, 29 cardboard tiles, and instructions.

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