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In House Goliath, Stimmers are established gangers. While seeking to achieve the peak of physical and musculature performance, they have become addicted to growth and combat stimms, becoming known as Stimmers. Meanwhile, Forge-born, are gang prospects. They have not yet proven themselves, so they are not yet fully inducted into the Goliath Gang culture. As such, they often undertake the more dangerous tasks for the gang in an effort to prove themselves.

As with all members of the House of Chains, they excel in fighting up close and personal. Stimmers are those gang members who have eschewed the path of leadership and instead focus on the mastery of brutal violence, while the Forge-born are hot-headed youths who will be the future of the gang.

The Goliath Stimmers and Forge-born kit is supplied as 112 components that makes:

  • 2 Goliath Stimmers, one armed with paired pulverizers and one armed with assault grenade launchers
  • 4 Goliath Forge-born, two armed with storm-welders and two armed with heavy rock saws.

It comes supplied with 2 Necromunda 40mm bases and 4 Necromunda 25mm bases.

**Rules for using the Goliath Stimmers and Goliath Forge-born in games of Necromunda can be found in Necromunda: House of Chains**

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