Tau Empire Fire Warriors


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The Tau Empire Fire Warriors kit can be assembled as either of the following:

  • Fire Warriors Strike Team: Are a high-speed force of shock troops who not only can lay down sheets of withering pulse rifle fire, with the ability to throw electromagnetic pulse grenades, they also can aim powerful tactical support turrets.
  • Fire Warriors Breacher Team: Specialise in highly effective close-range combats, clearing buildings of threats and delivering sharp, sudden displays of raw incendiary power that grind enemy soldiers into dust. By discharging pulse blasters and hurling photon grenades until they are certain every path is clear.

The Fire Warriors Strike team / Breacher team allows you to assemble 10 Tau Empire Fire Warriors. You can make one model as a Shas’ui. The kit also contains:

  • Two drones
  • A DS8 tactical support turret
  • A selection of different shoulder pads and back packs
  • Pulse pistols
  • Pulse carbines
  • EMP grenades
  • Photon grenades

In total the kit is a massive 230 components with ten Citadel 25mm Round bases, one Citadel 40mm Round base and two small flying bases.

It is supplied unpainted and requires assembly.





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