Dark Souls™ – The Board Game Explorers Expansion


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New Dark Souls™: the Board Game adventures await in the Dark Souls™ – The Board Game Explorers Expansion , with new enemies, new encounter cards utilising those enemies, and new treasure cards for characters to discover along their adventures. Components for one new mini boss encounter and one new main boss encounter further enhance players’ options and provide fresh challenges.

The Dark Souls™ – The Board Game Explorers Expansion includes 18 terrain miniatures to replace all of the gravestone, barrel, bonfire, and treasure chest tokens from Dark Souls™: the Board Game, while the new Mimic ambush rules mean each chest could turn into a dangeroues (but rewarding) foe!


  • 6x Enemy Miniatures
  • 2x Enemu Data Cards
  • 15x Encounter Cards
  • 15x Treasure Cards
  • 18x Terrain Miniatures
  • 1x Pursuer Miniature
  • 1x Pursuer Health Dial
  • 1x Pursuer Data Card
  • 13x Pursuer Behaviour Cards
  • 3x Pursuer Treasure Cards
  • 1x Old Dragonslayer Health Dial
  • 1x Old Dragonslayer Data Card
  • 8x Old Dragonslayer Behaviour Cards
  • 2x Old Dragonslayer Treasure Cards
  • 2x Mimic Miniatures
  • 1x Mimic Health Dial
  • 2x Mimic Data Cards
  • 14x Mimic Behaviour Cards
  • 5x Mimic Ambush Cards
  • 1x Rules Insert

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