Awakened Wyldwood


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When the Wyldwood of the Sylvaneth stir, enemies of the natural order must be on their guard. The awakened spirits that dwell within these ancient groves are roused to terrible fury by intrusions into their kingdoms. They seek every chance to prey upon those that stray beneath their shadowed boughs.

A deadly piece of faction terrain, the Awakened Wyldwood allow the Sylvaneth to transform even the most barren battlefield into a mystical glade. Allowing units passage through Realmroots, shielding you from enemy missile fire and even striking down foes. It forms a deadly tactical lynchpin that offers a Sylvaneth force even more flexiblity. Available at no matched play points, it’s a natural choice for any general commanding a force of these vengeful protectors of nature.

The Awakened Wyldwood is perfect for adding interest and  depth to battlefields. Each tree is designed with a special modular base that allows you to use them on their own as scatter terrain, or together as a tactical gaming piece. Care has been taken to ensure that even the densest of Wyldwoods are easy to use in game and won’t obstruct play, measurements or errant dice rolls.


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