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Order Update

Just a quick update, we are systematically working our way through our all the outstanding orders as quickly as possible in a chronological order (oldest to newest), whilst trying to ship all current orders that have all items in stock. Please bear with us, we are only a three-man family run business and we are doing our utmost to get all orders out as fast as we can. Obviously, some orders will slip through the cracks as we try to ship orders as quickly as possible, and for this we apologise, however, periodically during the course of the week we will go back and re-visit all orders still outstanding as stock from various suppliers is received and booked in.  We envisage that during the course of next week things will be back to normal.

We would like to take this opportunity to express a heartfelt “Thank You” to all our customers, both old and new, for all their support and understanding that they have shown to us through these difficult and strange times. A special “Thank You” for The Cake Nest from @40KSteve, the boxes of goodies were very much appreciated.

Stay safe,

The Alchemists Workshops Team

5 comments on “Order Update”

  1. The service and value you provide is worth that little wait. My go to store for all things hobby wise for a few yrs now, and remains true. Stay safe and Thanks for everything.

  2. Best customer service I’ve had in a long time and now I know it’s only a 3 person team I’m even more impressed. I sent an enquiry email just for some clarity and received a phone call to explain the situation. Going to place another order because I will always be using Alchemist Workshop in the future so I apologise for adding to the back log.

  3. Brilliant service and best deals no worries at all if there are a few delays its all worth it. thanks for the best place to buy models and supplies

  4. First time customer here but certainly not he last! Thank you for your prompt delivery last week

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