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Its A big Bold World – Black Friday

*coughs and clears throat* HELLO ONE AND ALL!!!!

This week as we are sure some of you will be aware, we decided to stock a few new gaming systems here at Alchemists. Which the following are:

  • Magic the Gathering
  • Batman
  • Star Wars: X-Wing
  • Star Wars Armada
  • Malifaux

We have done our best right now to cover as many bases within these ranges as possible and any items we don’t have we can always get in with just a 3 day max wait. Hopefully this is the start of a beautiful new chapter here so we can do as per our mission statement and try to stock one of every item at all times. This is an exciting time for ourselves, not only knowing we offer some of the best Warhammer40k, Fantasy and AoS prices around we aim to be able to do this for these other ranges. We hope you all get to have a look, find what you like as well as that perfect Christmas gift for that special someone

Now onto the really interesting part, as you are all aware its that time of year “Black Friday”. With that being said we have decided here to offer free shipping on all orders over £50.00 and put orders placed within that time frame into a prize draw for a £25.00 coupon for the store. So as they say, you have to be IN IT to WIN IT!!!!

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