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Indomitus, Please Read !!

Indomitus has arrived !

We have been fortunate enough to secure our full allocation. To be fair to all our customers we have put a cap of 5 copies per household in place. We ask all our customers to keep in mind that we reserve the right to cancel any order in excess of 5 copies per household.

Thank you

11 comments on “Indomitus, Please Read !!”

  1. That’s great news. Next time could you restrict it even further? GW did 3. If you did 1 or 2 it would give more people the chance to buy and enjoy it.

    • It would then have stopped the commission painting studios who buy from us and were those customers from earning their living, we have no right to stop them from earning their wage especially during this current pandemic

  2. I’m disappointed to be honest. Me and my mate buy all our stuff from you guys and the site was down for a long time, which was unfortunate, and then when it was back up it was sold out. Then you said you released a 2nd wave so I added 1 (because I only wanted 1) and when I went to check out and pay, it said -2 in stock so again all gone. As i said, disappointed but annoyed too.

    • While we can understand disappointment we also can’t help the fact that the boxed set was popular and that the community team had built it up to such a level where demand would always exceed supplies.

      As for a business we have been only going for nearly 5 years and there are only 3 of us that work here as a small family business so we will make mistakes at times. Going off the previous loads from the Sisters release etc we thought we had budgeted for the load which we and every other retailer did not as everyone was experiencing crashes. We would also at a time like this to remind you that during the Lockdown not only did we not close like many other stores or raise our prices but stay open and offer the same services.

      Fortunately, on Monday we still should have some left of the second wave to drip feed through the week at 1 per customer to make sure any who missed out get one.

      • Hi Gavin, thanks for the reply.

        For some reason part of my message is not on here so apologies if I came across somewhat arsey when it clearly was a stressful day for everyone, was not my intention.

        I totally get that it was built up sooooo much and the community have loved it and couldn’t wait to get their hands on this product and some would miss out and that sits fine with me. My disappointment and being annoyed was the 5 per customer/household seemed a bit excessive and would always end up being abused by a small minority of people to make money out of others.
        I’ve dealt with yourselves and ordered alot of items from you in the past so I know how hard you all work and i cant fault the service you provide, so you dont have to remind me how you conducted yourselves and the service you carried on providing through lockdown.
        If you look through your orders you’ll see I ordered twice from you through lockdown with what spare money I had. 1 of the main reasons being I support you and did not want to see an independent brick and block store disappear through this awful time.

        Keep up the good work guys.

        Kind regards

  3. I thought you all did remarkably well, considering the mechanics of being a small retailer in a GW machine-world
    I’d also like to say that by not raising your margin on this release, you’ve shown a real depth of good character and honesty to your loyal customers and will be long term gain. As an example, I haven’t purchased from any other retailer In over three years, such is the quality of consideration to customer service that makes me return to shop with Alchemist Workshop, with total surety of a fair prices and free sweets.

    Best wishes with your continued success.


    • Thank you for the kind words it does mean a lot to all three of us here.

      Yesterday was really rough on us but especially the manager as he works the store at the weekend on his own usually as well as interacting with everyone online and the toxicity really got to him.

      We love all our customers and view you all as family members and as such will always look to treat you the same as we would want to be treated. We would never look to exploit you due to a limited release or see you as walking bank accounts like some other stores.

  4. you did the best out of any retailers that’s for damn sure. I checked everywhere i couldn’t find anywhere that offered such an amazing price on an already great value box set and i must say thank you for your excellent service as always you guys are doing a brilliant job.

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