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Great News!!

Today, 28 April 2020 we received an email from Games Workshop saying that some of their warehouses are starting to re-open as of today. It would seem that they will firstly be getting their own house in order re: their web-store and physical stores and then, at the end of the que as usual, it will be the turn of the Independent’s.  We hope this means that within the next week or so things will be getting slowly but surely back to normal. As you are aware our re-stock order is already with them at their central warehouse waiting to be processed once they are back.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and understanding during these trying times.

As always stay safe,

The Team

Alchemists Workshops

One comment on “Great News!!”

  1. Looking forward to receiving my recent order, but thank you for shipping out orders still during this difficult time! Fingers crossed it wont be long until we can come in-store again!

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