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Damages to this week’s releases

Unfortunately, we have to inform you that, as Games Workshop have reverted to using UPS for our new release order as this is the only way they can guarantee that we have them for release date. As a result of this decision, 35 out of 77 Battletomes were damaged in transit. (19 x Battletome: Stormcast Eternals & 16 x Battletome: Orruk Warclans) Games Workshop will be replacing these, however only when they send out next week’s new release delivery despite knowing that this would more than likely occur this week.

As a business principle we will not knowingly send out damaged products to customers especially as books as we will only send out books that are in a condition that we would be happy to receive them in.

We will be sending the 30 customers who are affected by this the digital code from the back of the Battletome after receiving permission from Games Workshop to do so before destroying them in line with Games Workshops T & C’s.

Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused by this but as you can appreciate this is a situation well out of our control.

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