XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuit


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The XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuit is a huge, deadly and nigh-undetectable weapon of impressive killing capacity, and is a formidable display of Tau war technology. It is piloted by a single, hand-picked Tau warrior, and is capable of appearing from nowhere, unleashing a storm of firepower with its weapon systems and then disappearing into the chaos of battle. This battlesuit is armed to the teeth with a vast array of advanced countermeasures to make it invisible to the enemy.

This XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuit kit gives you everything needed to build one, and has a fantastic range of modelling and posing options available. Also in this kit you will find the following:

  • Two burst cannons
  • Two fusion blasters
  • Two flamers
  • Afusion collider
  • A cyclic ion raker
  • Two XV5 stealth drone field projectors

There is a grand total of 116 components, and is supplied unpainted and requires assembly with one Citadel 105mm Oval base.

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