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White Dwarf 487 is Games Workshop’s premium Warhammer magazine, packed with amazing content every month – including new rules and background, short stories, regular columns, special guests, and more.

Here’s what you can look forward to in the April issue:

    Letters, questions and pictures of miniatures sent in by you, our readers.
    City planner Sam Pearson looks at the benefits of setting up a good-looking battlefield in your Warhammer Age of Sigmar games.
    What we’ve been up to this month! Boarding Actions, a big tank, and some heretics!


  • FLASHPOINT: HERALD OF MISERY – A DESPERATE GAMBIT: Vurnok tries to halt the Space Marines’ assault on the Herald of Misery in this short story.
  • FLASHPOINT: HERALD OF MISERY – THE INVASION OF LUME IV: Meanwhile, Czagra deploys his legions to Lume IV in search of the Key-fragment.
  • FLASHPOINT: HERALD OF MISERY – THE DEFENCE GRID: Killer laser walls of death? Yes, please! New laser-themed rules for Boarding Actions. Includes brand new rules for the new barrier types included in this issue, along with six bespoke Defence Grid missions. Also includes Boarding Actions rules for Task Force Bhakir – a Tome Keepers Boarding Patrol – including rules adaptations, two Enhancements and six bespoke Stratagems.
  • GROUND TRUTH: Ground Truth takes provides tactical insight on Blood Vendetta, the Boarding Actions mission from Arks of Omen: Farsight.
  • THE RED ANGEL: Rules for Angron, including his datasheet, and commentary on the angriest of all the Primarchs. Plus, disturbing rumours from across the galaxy…
  • BATTLE REPORT: IRON WITHIN:It’s Iron Warriors versus the Adeptus Mechanicus of Metalica in this high-tech, logic-driven bionic beatdown.


  • FLASHPOINT RONDHOL: THE HUNGER OF LENDU: Ka-rokk’s horde enter the mountains of Lendu and have a good scrap… with themselves!
  • FLASHPOINT RONDHOL: THE GREAT STOMP PART 5: New campaign rules for fighting in the Land of Living Peaks – the hungriest of all mountains!
  • FANTASTIC WARHOSTS: ORRUK WARCLANS: Part two of this Waaagh!-sized Orruk collecting article, with 12 pages of inspiration for assembling your green Waaagh! for da green god!


  • STEALTH AND STONE: Available for the first time outside of Sundered Fate, White Dwarf presents a wealth of Warcry rules for the Seraphon’s Hunters of Huanchi and the Disciples of Tzeentch’s Jade Obelisk. Includes warband background, three Quests, six Artefacts of Power, six Heroic Traits, a bespoke Camp Location, 11 Lesser Artefacts, and Fighter Background Tables for each of the two warbands.


  • IRON FIRE: More laser action, featuring the Cerberus heavy tank destroyer with three Battle Doctrines Missions for you to try.


  • A TALE OF FOUR WARLORDS: Our prospective warlords take on the second challenge as the White Dwarf team begin to narrow the field to see who will become one of our final four warlords and be offered the opportunity to tell their own tale!
  • ‘EAVY METAL BRUSH TIPS: ’Eavy Metal’s Martin Peterson shares his painting advice for Angron. You’ll be seeing red by the end of this article!


  • GROMBRINDAL: ANCESTOR’S BURDEN – DURKAR’S WAKE: In the third part of the ongoing serial by Chris Thursten, Guildmaster Durkar is dead, but his inheritance is disputed by his duardin kin.

Also included in this issue are the following free cardboard inserts:

  • 12 Laser Beam Barrier Tiles for use in Herald of Misery Boarding Actions games of Warhammer 40,000
  • 2 Campaign cards and 4 new location cards for players to defend or pillage in Warhammer Age of Sigmar campaigns with Flashpoint Rhondol

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