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White Dwarf 485 is Games Workshop’s premium Warhammer magazine, packed with amazing content every month – including new rules and background, short stories, regular columns, special guests, and more.

Here’s what you can look forward to in the February issue:

  • Contact! Letters and painted models from our readers.
  • Worlds of Warhammer: Lights, cameras, action! How do you go about setting the scene for your battles? Phil Kelly talks to us about how to get the most immersive experience possible on the tabletop.
  • Inside the Studio: Check out the games we’ve played and the models we’ve painted this month.


  • Flashpoint – Herald of Misery: Rhalion’s Quest: The Blood Angels join forces with the Tome Keepers to investigate the Arks of Omen.
  • Opportunistic Obliteration: Warsmith Czagra of the Iron Warriors begins a new quest in this short story.
  • The Void Siege: As sprawling as the Arks of Omen themself, enjoy a mighty 20 pages of new rules for Boarding Actions, with all-new rules for Iron Warriors Boarding Patrols! Includes rules for Boarding Pods and Void Siege games and six Void Siege Missions – and it wouldn’t be a siege without the IV Legion, so this article also provides bespoke rules for Bronzewrought Iron Warriors Boarding Patrols, providing two unique Enhancements and six Boarding Actions Stratagems.
  • Ground Truth: A quick tactical overview and analysis of the Strongrooms Mission from Arks of Omen: Angron
  • Echoes From the Warp: Duncan Waugh assembles his very own Tempestus Scions Boarding Patrol…
  • Battle Report: Jailbreak: … which he uses in a battle against Rich Butler, who commands a force of World Eaters led by Khârn the Betrayer.


  • Flashpoint Rondhol: Land of Living Peaks: New background as The Great Stomp marches into Lendu, where even the land can eat you!
  • The Great Stomp Part 4: Introducing rules for playing Warcry games as part of The Great Stomp campaign, including a great swathe of new Territories for use in the campaign.
  • Gods and Monsters: A gallery of beautifully painted heroes, villains and gods and monsters from across the Mortal Realms, sent in by you, our readers.
  • Rules of Engagement: Sam Pearson takes a closer look at the charm of two-player campaigns.


  • Da Killin’ Moon: New rules for using the Gloomspite Gitz in your games of Warcry. Caution: includes squigs.
    Includes rules for The Bad Moon, two bespoke Quests, a Quest Battleplan, and Location and Background Tables.
  • Knights of the Stinkhorn: Grinkrak’s Looncourt also receive Warcry rules! It’s a good day to be a gobbo!


  • Glory Points: Nyle Ajina delves into all the flavours of Warhammer Underworlds, with Rivals, Nemesis, and Relic – how do you prefer to play your Warhammer Underworlds?


  • The Aranthian Succession: The Specialist Design Studio kicks off a new Necromunda campaign as civil unrest grips Cinderak City.


  • Guilliman’s Own: Black Library investigate, with the help of an Indomitus Crusade Personnel Dossier, just who exactly Vitiran Messinius is.
  • Grombrindal: Ancestor’s Burden – Rat-tail: The first part of a new Grombrindal serial by Chris Thursten.


  • A Tale of 44 Warlords: Dating back to the ancient past of 1998, we visit the hall of honour, scour the many highlights and delve into the history of the A Tale of Four Warlords series.

Each physical copy of issue 485 comes with six double-sided Void Siege tiles for Boarding Actions games, a White Dwarf Paint Recipe card, eight Grinkrak’s Looncourt Fighter and Ability Cards for Warcry, and a new Achievements card for the Great Stomp campaign.

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