Warscroll Cards: Blades of Khorne


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The armies dedicated to Khorne rampage across the Mortal Realms in a howling, blood-crazed frenzy. But just because they’re driven into a senseless rage doesn’t mean you have to be – the Warscroll Cards: Blades of Khorne reference cards will help you keep your head in the game, and hopefully far away from the Skull Throne. You’ll find warscroll cards for each unit, Invocation, and Faction Terrain piece in Battletome: Blades of Khorne, plus a set of tokens to help track of abilities, artefacts, grand strategies, and battle tactics.

In this pack, you’ll find:

  • 33x single warscroll cards
  • 4x double-sized, folding warscroll cards
  • 1x Faction Terrain warscroll card
  • 3x Invocation warscroll cards
  • 2x double-sided token sheets tailored to the abilities and tactics of the Blades of Khorne

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