Warhammer Chronicles: Tyrion and Teclis Omnibus (SB)

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Warhammer Chronicles: Tyrion and Teclis Omnibus written by William King

Tyrion and Teclis: the most legendary high elf heroes to roam the Old World. Destined for greatness from birth, the twin brothers are as different as darkness and light. While Tyrion, a calculating tactician and unrivalled swordsman, inspires valour and fidelity in those around him, Teclis is the most powerful natural sorcerer of the age, harnessing a gift that rivals even the mythic Caledor.

In this omnibus, relive the twins’ most gripping adventures – from their quest through the deadly jungles of Lustria in search of the fabled lost sword of Caledor, through to the bloodthirsty battle to save their homeland from the malevolent Witch King, Malekith.

Blood of Aenarion
Sword of Caledor
Bane of Malekith


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