Tzeentch Arcanites Tzaangors


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Tzeentch Arcanites Tzaangors are savage, avian looking beasts dedicated to Tzeentch, having been willingly warped into shapes and forms pleasing to the Architect of Fate. They watch and wait, with bestial cunning and cold intelligence, waiting for the opportune time to strike they fight with a bitter strength, slashing with sharp blades and gouging with horns. Ever eager to impress their duplicitous god, they fight with lunatic energies, hoping to be rewarded with further gifts of change.

This multi-part plastic kit allows you to assemble 10 Tzeentch Arcanites Tzaangors, bedecked head to foot in the avian symbolism of Tzeentch. These models have a huge amount of customisation available to them in the box:

  • 24 heads with 12 different designs and 12 different sets of horns
  • 12 savage blades
  • 12 arcanite shields
  • 12 sets of axe and pick
  • 2 models can be assembled as Mutants – these have special, mutated heads. In fact, they have 2 heads each. Accompanying their terrible deformity are special mutated weapons – 2 swords and 2 axes, each featuring staring eyes modelled on the hilts
  • 2 models can be assembled as icon bearers
  • 2 models can be assembled as Twistbrays
  • 4 specific sets of extra-ornate horns for them, and 2 double-handed savage greatblades.

Supplied unpainted and requires assembly with 10 Citadel 32mm Round bases.

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