Typhus Herald of the Plague God


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Typhus, Lord and captain of Mortarion’s First Plague Company and Host of the Destroyer Hive. He is the most feared of all the Plague Fleet commanders. From his ancient ship, the Terminus Est whic hwas present at Istvaan III, Typhus spreads contagion and misery across the Imperium of Man and the galaxy at large. That Typhus has been truly blessed by Nurgle is indisputable. For ten thousand years he has been a blight on Loyalist worlds; in the wake of Typhus’ fleet a virulent plagues spread, that  create plague zombies whose very bites carry the disease to new victims. Billions have died and been returned to undeath under his watch, as the proliferating energies of Chaos distort and mutate this disease to ever-more terrifying vectors.

The Typhus Herald of the Plague multi-part plastic kit allows you to assemble one Typhus, Herald of Nurgle, Host of the Destroyer Hive. An appropriately large model, covered head to toe in rot and disease, cald in pitted Cataphractii armour, which itself is covered in skulls, Nurgle icons and spikes. There is even room for a Nurgling to hitch a ride, clinging to his waist. He holds aloft a master-crafted manreaper, taller even than even himself, which features the unpleasant effects of corruption and wear. The chimney found on his back is belching forth a vile hive swarm with impressive effect. Included is a scenic element to his base, as he stands with a foot resting arrogantly on some toppled Imperial masonry.

Supplied unpainted and requires assembly with a Citadel 50mm Round base.

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