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A Witcher’s Journal is a supplement for The Witcher RPG which gives you a number of new monsters and intriguing plot hooks to use in your game as well as new lore and an in-depth investigation system.

This hardcover book is written in the form of the diary of Erland of Larvik; Erland was one of the first witchers and founder of the Griffin School. In his journal, he describes numerous monsters that a witcher must face. These will let you keep your Witcher group guessing for some time as to what they might face next. Some of these adversaries are so significant they need a special Lifepath of their own to do them justice!

Alongside these new monsters, the in-depth Investigation System provides a framework for your group to experience mysteries. Rather than just relying on the players to deduce the truth, or risking a crucial clue being missed due to a failed skill roll, this system treats the mystery as its own kind of monster to be defeated. Find clues to overcome the mystery, while avoiding the obstacles which distract your focus from it. Usable for any kind of mystery, not just an unknown creature, the Investigation System is a valuable new tool for any Witcher GM.

A Witcher’s Journal Contents:

  • 33 new monsters, from the deadly archespore to the gruesome vendigo!
  • 2 exceptional monsters. Create unique higher vampires and true dragons, each with their own Lifepaths.
  • An in-depth Investigation System to help GMs create and run mysteries.
  • All new lore introducing Erland of Larvik, providing a detailed look at the Golden Age of the witchers.
  • New art of monsters never before seen in the Witcher world.

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