Ogre Team: The Fire Mountain Gut Busters


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Ogres are natural Blood Bowl players, with a long tradition of playing for other teams who can afford to feed them. The Fire Mountain Gut Busters, however, bring a new level of violence to the game, as their rosters feature not just one or two of these massive brutes, but often 4 of them. Of course, they’re also accompanied by a veritable swarm of Gnoblars who have no natural athletic ability, but enough cunning and wit to know they’re supposed to grab the ball whilst the Ogres are busy pummeling their opponents. Once in a while, the Ogres will give the ball-holders a little kick towards the End Zone, thus scoring some points with a bit of luck.

If you want to play smashy Blood Bowl, you can do no better than The Fire Mountain Gut Busters. They play unlike anything else, excelling at deleting the opposing team, one by one, until they can walk the ball across the pitch unopposed.

The Fire Mountain Gut Busters multi-part plastic kit allows you to assemble the Fire Mountain Gut Busters, an Ogre team for use in games of Blood Bowl, containing:

  • 4 Ogres (1 of which can be built as a Runt Punter)
  • 12 Gnoblars with interchangeable heads

You’ll also find a roster sheet, transfers, 2 turn counters and 2 coins, 4 Ogre-themed balls, and a mix of 14x 25mm bases and 4x 32mm bases.

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