The 2019 Blood Bowl Almanac

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Lord Borak the Despoiler returns as guest editor for The 2019 Blood Bowl Almanac! This issue combines all the content from four full issues of Spike! Journal, including the full rules for:

  • The Champions of Death
  • Greenfield Grasshuggers
  • Athelorn Avengers
  • Gwaka’moli Crater Gators (that’s issues 4-7)

Not only does it bring together every team and player profile, each editorial, a run-down of each team’s tactics, and a whole lot of gossip from across these four fantastic issues, but it also features a gallary of beautifully painted miniatures in a variety of team colours.

You will find a comprehensive and up-to-date FAQ for Blood Bowl, and an updated list of Star Player profiles.

Also included the rules for special pitches and balls for the Shambling Undead, Halfling, Wood Elf, and Lizardmen teams.

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