Space Marines Datacards

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Unleash the fury of the Space Marines with the Space Marines Datacards! Great for quickly referring to your rules, making sure you pick the right Stratagem or psychic powers for your battles with ease.

The Space Marines Datacards pack contains:

  • 36 Tactical Objectives (including 6 specific to Space Marines)
  • 38 Stratagems
  • 13 psychic powers (includes Smite and 6 powers each from the Librarius and Obscuration disciplines)
  • 7 Litanies of Battle (for use by Chaplains)
  • 3 Combat Doctrines (Devastator, Tactical, Assault)

**You will need a copy of Codex: Space Marines and the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook to make full use of these cards.**

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