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Skarbrand is one of Khorne’s greatest champions. But his lust for blood proved ultimately to be his downfall. He slew innumerable mortals in the name of the Blood God, and was spoken of only in hushed whispers by those that remained. However, Skarbrand’s ambition was far greater than his power when he sought to challenge Khorne himself. After which he was stripped of all personality and thought by Khorne as punishment, physically broken and tattered, Skarbrand is nothing more than a shell filled with pure murderous hate, bound by neither loyalty nor rationality, left to slaughter constantly and indiscriminately without purpose.

The Skarbrand multi-part plastic kit gives you everything you need in order to build this warrior of blood, murder and fury. He is armed with two daemonic axes, lovingly named Carnage and Slaughter. His once-mighty wings are shredded and torn.

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