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In Shadow & Pain, the forces of Slaanesh and the Daughters of Khaine clash in battle. With new lore, rules, models, and some great savings, this set is a must-have for any who collect the Daughters of Khaine or Hedonites of Slaanesh.

This set contains:

  • The Shadow and Pain booklet – your guide to the contents of the set, containing new lore looking at the continuing hunt for Slaanesh, rules for the models inside, two Warscroll Battalions you won’t find anywhere else, Realm of Battle rules, Battleplans, and more!
  • Tokens to keep track of ongoing effects in your battles
  • Warscroll cards that make referencing the rules for the models in this set a breeze

38 Citadel Miniatures, including:

  • 10x Melusai, buildable in any combination of Blood Sisters or Blood Stalkers
  • 5x Khinerai, buildable as Heartrenders or Lifetakers
  • 1x Melusai Ironscale, a champion of the Melusai currently exclusive to this set
  • 10x Daemonettes
  • 1x Hellflayer, also buildable as a Seeker Chariot of Slaanesh
  • 10x Hellstriders
  • 1x Lord of Pain, a champion of the Hedonites of Slaanesh currently exclusive to this set

This set is supplied in 663 components and comes with bases for all the miniatures inside.

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