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Uncompromising and fierce, Commissar Severina Raine drives the Eleventh Antari Rifles to reclaim the worlds of the Bale Stars that have fallen under the rule of Chaos. Dedicated to the pursuit of victory in the Emperor’s name, Raine always fights at the centre of battlefield with her power sabre and bolt pistol in hand. Never flinching from her duty, be that the eradication of the enemy or enforcing the Emperor’s will.

As a Commissar, Severina Raine is an Elites choice for Astra Militarum armies. She carries her sabre, Evenfall, in one hand while she taking aim with her bolt pistol, Penance. Raine wears the iconic peaked cap, armoured breastplate and long greatcoat of her office, and her family heirloom which is a pocket watch engraved with an ‘R’ which hangs from her belt.

Severina Raine is a single miniature cast in high-quality Citadel resin.

A datasheet featuring her full Warhammer 40,000 rules is included with the model’s construction booklet in the box.

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