Seraphon Saurus Guard


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Seraphon Saurus Guard are chosen from the largest and strongest of the saurus to protect their slann masters. They are a living shield that defiantly protects their ancient masters from harm. Their loyalty defines them, as do their powerful snapping jaws that crush the life from anything. Utterly remorseless, fixed upon their task with firm resolution.

The Seraphon Saurus Guard kit allows you to assemble 15 Saurus Guard, armed with heavy celestite polearms and stardrake shields

One model can be optionally built as an Alpha Guardian. There are also parts to assemble a stardrake icon bearer and wardrummer.

Inside the kit there’s a host of shield designs, skulls and other accessories with which to make your Saurus Guard unique.

Supplied with twenty Citadel 32mm Round bases, unpainted and requires assembly.

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