Sector Mechanicus: Galvanic Servohaulers


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Galvanic Servohaulers are last vestages of ancient Terran technology. Essentially nothing more than powerful engines on tracked wheels. In construction they are covered in iron plating, and feature a hydraulic crane robotic arm (these pieces are interchangeable between the two Servohaulers). Both are also covered in Adeptus Mechanicus symbols and feature large primitive exhaust systems.

The Sector Mechanicus: Galvanic Servohaulers is a highly-detailed scenery kit. It contains 2 haulers and a large crane, which allow for a plethera of modelling options with which to add  to the obstacles you can construct on your gaming table. Not only do the provide cover for troops, they allow the battlefield to have a lived-in, working feel.

The crane is a tall skeletal frame machine, holding a chain at the end of which is a three-clawed grabber. The trailer that the crane fits upon can fit instead a Munitorum Armoured Container.  Also included are a toolbox and fire extinguisher.
A scenario is included for using the Galvanic Servohaulers in games of Warhammer 40,000.

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