Goblin Team: Scarcrag Snivellers

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Long ago the Scarcrag Snivellers made the decision to attempt to play Blood Bowl without using the sneaky tricks that most Goblin teams employ. Just eleven Goblins line up at the start of the match with no Trolls or Secret Weapons who do their best to make at least a couple of drives before being stomped into the ground. Strangely enough, this doesn’t always end for them as badly as you would expect. Somehow the Scarcrag Snivellers make it, without being totally wiped out from season to season.

The set of plastic miniatures contains: –

Twelve multi-part Goblins, including six pairs of unique bodies and seven pairs of unique heads – this means that no Goblin teams need ever look the same.

Six Goblin team balls, including the dirty tricks that the Scarcrag Snivellers frown upon. Two with Goblins stuck in them, two deflated, and two packed with dynamite.

Two double-sided team tokens and two turn counters

The 54-component kit also includes twelve 32mm Blood Bowl bases and a 1,000,000 gold piece roster, which include eight-team re-rolls and Fan Factor 4!

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