Primaris Invictor Tactical Warsuit


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The Invictor Tactical Warsuit is a stripped-back variant on the Redemptor Dreadnought. Instead of a revenant hero in a sarcophagus, it is piloted by a live Primaris Space Marine. They are deployed in a variety of capacities, from armoured escort duties to close-range siege breaking. Still the most prolific role for these walkers is as the armoured support for Vanguard Space Marines. Their combination of mid- to close-range firepower, armoured resilience combine to provide exceptional support.

Like many of the Primaris Vanguard units, an Invictor Tactical Warsuit has the ability to deploy in a concealed position outside of your own deployment zone. It has a potent choice of weaponry such as:

  • Twin ironhail autocannon
  • Incendium cannon.
  • It also carries a heavy bolter that it can wield as a pistol to fire at point-blank range in melee, even as it crushes enemies with its formidable Invictor fist

The Primaris Invictor Tactical Warsuit multipart plastic model is 116 components and supplied with a Citadel 90mm Round Base and an Ultramarines Vehicle Transfer Sheet.

You’ll find the full rules for the Invictor Tactical Warsuit in Space Marines Codex. The Invictor Tactical Warsuit can also be used in:

  • Dark Angels
  • Space Wolves
  • Blood Angels armies

via a free PDF rules download, available from

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