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The Primaris Invader ATV is an extreamly flexible all-terrain vehicle, adapted to an aggressive reconnaissance role. Fitted with either a multi-melta or an onslaught gatling cannon, it can easily deliver punishing fire against weak parts of the enemy line, or engage swiftly to destroy scouting elements of he opposing enemy.

The Invader ATV delivers fast firepower giving you the guns you need, when and where you require. Armed with tank-scrapping multi melta or horde-munching onslaught gatling cannon, the Invader ATV vehicle is ideal for accompanying your Outriders and other fast moving parts of your army and also for smashing into the flank of your enemy whilst the main body of your force hold the line.

This kit builds one Invader ATV. It is supplied with a choice of weapons and comes in 45 plastic components.

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